Developing OpenStack Dashboard using Fedora

Lately, I'm getting involved into developing OpenStack, especially it's dashboard.

Many developers recommend using devstack to work on OpenStack. For some reasons, I can't recommend that for Dashboard. My colleague Dan Berrange has an article with all dirty details.

Good news is, at least for OpenStack's dashboard, devstack is not required in any case, it just runs on plain Fedora. I simply followed the instructions provided for Fedora's test day, and they worked great for me, no rocket science and no engineering master required.

Additionally I installed git and git-review (as root): | yum -y install git git-review then go to the location where you want to put the code, for me that's | cd ~/work

and execute | git clone && cd horizon

This will get the source code from github, will create a new directory named horizon, and change to that directory.

./ runserver

starts Django's built in development server on your host, per default on port 8000.

To visit your shiny Dashboard, direct your webbrowser to http://localhost:8000 .

When finished with your desired changes, you should submit them for review. The process around that is covered here: