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Pelican version 3.6

Today, I updated pelican to version 3.6 and also added a python 3 subpackage. You can test it in Fedora 22 by using

dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing install python3-pelican

If you're already using pelican,

dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing update python-pelican

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Upgrading from previous release might require a ...

Fedora 22 will contain Django-1.8

One of the new features in upcoming Fedora 22 will be Django-1.8. Django project released its most recent version earlier this month, and it's going to be a long term supported version after Django-1.4 became a bit ancient nowadays. Fedora had release 1.6 in which is ...

Testing Horizon git snapshots

Testing horizon git checkouts

One of the cool things in Horizon is, one can easily try newest things out. This assumes, you already have an OpenStack installation available somewhere.

If you haven't already installed git:

yum install git

To clone horizons upstream git repository, run the command

git clone ...

Fedora packaging workshop

This part assumes, you already have the tools installed like described in earlier part.

Using a tool to create a spec

As first example, we'll use a tool to create a spec file, download the sources.

cd ~/rpmbuild
pyp2rpm -n bleach > SPECS/python-bleach.spec

What this actually does ...

Fedora packaging workshop

On 17th and 18th this month, we'll have a local Linux conference here. As part of this, I'll give a short introductory workshop on packaging. The following series of posts helps me, to sort things for me and to provide a short reference for others and myself as ...

Truncating log files

Depending on your settings, OpenStack Dashboard produces lots of log output. Fortunately there is already a tool in place, which cleans them up for you. Looking at /var/log/httpd/ you'll probably notice files like access_log-(date).gz. They were generated by logrotate by compressing existent logs.

To use ...

Using pelican for serving this blog

For my own blog, I recently deprecated wordpress, in favor of using pelican. The package was recently added to Fedora. It's quite simple and does not require php, mysql, and a memcached running on a webserver.

In the past, the number of attempts to get into this host increased ...

OpenStack testing session @FLOCK

As you might heard, we at Fedora had FUDCons (Fedora Users and Developers conference), which is now replaced by a conference named Flock. The first one will be held in Charleston, South Carolina between Aug. 9th and 12th. 2013. Coming there is a unique chance this year, to meet many ...